Sunset shooting on the Gustave airstrip with an amazing crew. @antoineverglas @fannityfair @johnnollet @bruno_danto @piretaavamakeup @leraloeb

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Natural Pool in St Barth

Somewhere in #stbarth

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Night Fishing #stbarth (at Eden Rock)

Making sure I don’t overlook any signage, things are changing too fast.

Somewhere in Williamsburg

This spot reassures my love for NYC. Its the real “Welcome to Brooklyn” Sign. It could have one piece on it on your way into the city and a different on your way out.

Anybody know this artist ?

"…and then I realized that embracing the flames felt better than fighting them. I realized the lesson was to embrace any environment I’m in. There’s only so many layers I can take off. My body was made to change, and I need to allow it to do so, even if its in the devils house.

…I woke up and the AC still wasn’t working”

@RocioMarieCabrera shot by Alberto Vargas.