This spot reassures my love for NYC. Its the real “Welcome to Brooklyn” Sign. It could have one piece on it on your way into the city and a different on your way out.

Anybody know this artist ?

"…and then I realized that embracing the flames felt better than fighting them. I realized the lesson was to embrace any environment I’m in. There’s only so many layers I can take off. My body was made to change, and I need to allow it to do so, even if its in the devils house.

…I woke up and the AC still wasn’t working”

@RocioMarieCabrera shot by Alberto Vargas.

Proud to announce @21quest ‘s album “Where I’m From”. It’s rewarding to be able to work with the people you admire and respect for such a long time. @eightyfifth never fails to remind us what family feels like. Go download #whereimfrom for free at ATRUEUNDERDOGSTORY.COM

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Come celebrate with @21Quest and I this Saturday, I’ll be showcasing a collection of photos and videos I’ve made throughout his journey to his debut album “Where I’m From”. Hope to see ya’ll there!
1053 Flushing Ave. 8pm-3am
$5 Before 12

Sza swoonin at Rough Trade, Brooklyn NYC