Bump that new 21 Quest “Young G’s”

Cover photo by me, Typography by Ghryzly Atoms

Track produced by Shine Boogz

Quick snap from Last nights “A Milli Generation”. We’re surrounded by so much youth rich in culture and ambition. Cant even begin to explain how inspiring these events are. Thank you Janine Simon making this possible. #shoutouttoculture #smallworld

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21 Quest receives a text from a certain friend and gets second thoughts about tying the knot in his new video ”Freak” 

Directed by Brayyan Ali and Myself, shot at my studio.

Track produced by Shine Boogz

Edited by Brayyan Ali

Sound Design Engineer - Ken-i-Produce 

Assistant Sound Design Engineer - Candace Lee Camacho 


A NY moment with @mikelovenyc

Somewhere in Brooklyn
#nyc #smoke #underground #Brooklyn

Somewhere in #ridgewood #queens #nyc